about us

Phoenix Rising Rescue is a foster based rescue.  This means that we do not operate out of a facility.  All of our rescue dogs are either with Carrie, PRR Founder, or in foster homes with other loving families.  We do hope to have our own facility one day, but for now, we are still foster based.
Why bully breeds? Pit Bulls and other bully breeds have been given a "bad rap" by the media.  Most of the information spread concerning pit bulls is either inaccurate or completely false. The truth about this magnificent breed is that they are incredibly intelligent and perfect family dogs.  Don't buy into the hype.

Am I Crazy? I guess the answer to that would have to be "yes"...just a little bit.  And we are okay with that.  We are passionate about rescue and determined to fight for this breed. The majority of the population think we are out of our minds for how much time and energy we invest into what we do at Phoenix Rising Rescue. They don't understand that dog rescue is not a hobby...it's a lifestyle!  We intend to change the world’s perception of Pit bulls and to rescue as many of these fabulous dogs as possible.  Perhaps that seems like a monumental task to most, but here is a fact for you.  You will never change the world by sitting back and complaining.  You change the world by taking action and making  a difference.